Located in Lighthouse Point, (North East Corner of Broward County), Between Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach 7 Minutes from the Sample Rd. Exit on I-95


“Loving Care When You’re Not There”





Andrea, her son and husband Adam with their two terific Jack Russells Sissy and Sophie live in Delray Beach.









Alina with her gentle and friendly dog named Pooch live in Sunny Isles. All our guests just love Pooch and his playful demeanor.










Krishna with his wife Chyla and one of their two sons with their Labradoodle named Ceasar. They live in Parkland. Ceasar is a fun-loving dog and we always enjoy his company.








Claudia with her husband Dan and their German Shorthaired Pointer named Penny, from Lighthouse Point. Penny loves to sit in our swivel office chairs, she is quite adept at climbing on. Penny is always a pleasure.








Marsha and her husband Alan, with their toy poodle Lu Lu. Lu Lu is a confident and smart little pooch. They are from Fort Lauderdale. She loved laying in bed with us and watching TV . Every time a dog appeared on the screen, or barked, she barked back.






Carol with her lovely Bichon-Poodle, Bentley. Carol is from Pompano Beach, she lives in a beautiful high-rise on the beach. Bentley was a little shy at first, but quickly got into the groove of his vacation in our house.







Susan and her pretty mixed breed, Prada live in Boca Raton. Prada always has a great time at our house and like all our guests, runs through the front door enthusiastically upon arrival.








Jennifer with her two daughters and their terrier mix Fee Bee live here in Lighthouse Point. Fee Bee is a great little pooch and we love having her here.







Tom and Marcia with their Lab Sadie and Mia a Malchi (cross between a Maltese and a Chihuahua), live in Lighthouse Point. They are great guests and we look forward to their return.






Rob and Jennifer with their fun loving pooch Leo. Rob and Jennifer live in Lighthouse Point. Rob's parents live across the street from us.










DSC_1457Bob and Nancy with Jasmine, their beautiful and well behaved German Shepherd. Jasmine is an exceptional dog. She was always at Bruce's side.








DSC_1470Hartmut and Filiz from Parkland, have three dogs, a rather large 11 year old chocolate lab named Schlamper (German) and two of the cutest Yorkies we ever met. Schlamper did not want to co-operate with the picture taking. Daisy and Chanel are left to right. They loved laying in bed with us. They love Blaze, when they climbed all over Blaze when he slept, Blaze didn't even open his eyes.




DSC_1452Elliot and his Shih Tzu Kona. Elliot is from Atanta and was down here on business. Kona is a confident little pooch. We look forward to seeing her again.








DSC_1438Kristin and her pug Jasper. Kristin lives in Lighthouse Point. This little pugster is adorable. Bruce and I love Pugs and Puggles!









DSC_1465 (copy) (copy 2)John and Krista and their beautiful black lab Mollie live a few blocks from us. Bruce took the picture on their backyard hammock. Mollie has a great personality and just loves to play. We always look forward to Mollie coming.









Jigka2Jigka and her husband Martin, with their wonderful dog Deborah are from Pompano Beach. Deborah is a Hovawart, a breed that looks similar to a Golden Retriever, but taller. We look forward to seeing Deborah again. She had a lot of fun here with our other guests.







Margaret2Margaret and her adorable little pooch, a Shipoo, named Allie are from Pompano Beach. Allie had a ball here. She is so spunky. She loved chasing our other guests around the couch and being chased herself. She is fast and maneuverable and she knows it. We always look forward to seeing Allie.







Rob2Rob and his Golden Retriever Charlie (a female). Charlie was such a pleasure, what a sweet dog. Rob had referred us to Jigka and Martin and their dog Deborah, as well as referring us to Margaret and her dog Allie. They all live in the same high-rise condo in Pompano Beach.







Sal2Sal and Wendy with their great little Puggle (cross between a Pug and a Beagle) named Anny are from Tamarac. Anny became BFFs with Bruce right off. She was always on his lap, followed him like a shadow. At night she slept right up against him.









Casi2Casi and Ryan with their Puggle Shabba live in Coconut Creek. Shabba was a little shy at first, but after a couple hours he was right at home. He loves Bruce and quickly gained BFF status with him.










RafaelRafael and his two terrific dogs Buko, a spaniel-Irish Setter mix and Elly May, a Lab. We loved having them both. Such nice dogs.












DSC_1414Kim, from Deerfield Beach, called us the last minute to walk her two dogs Rocco and Doja, while she went to Phoenix to visit family. We convinced her to have us care for her dogs in our house instead. When she and the dogs came for the intro visit and met Blaze, she was all for it. Doja (on the right) loves to play and became smitten with Blaze and Bruce. We look forward to their return. In the mean time we agreed to meet at the Pompano Dog Park.






DSC_1394John and Maureen and their absolutely lovely Cockapoo Rudy are from Deerfield Beach. Rudy, as all our other little guys, was enjoyable to care for.









DSC_1391Heidy and Warren and their two adorable sons are from Toronto Canada and they winter in Pompano Beach. Their Cockapoo, named Muskoka (named after Heidy's favorite vacation spot in Ontario CA) was a pleasure to care for.







DSC_1386Carol lives in Pompano Beach with her husband Tom. Their dog Maggie Mae is a Bichon Frise. Maggie Mae is a wonderful little pooch. We can't wait to see her again.










DSC_1384__copy_2_2Scott and his handsome well behaved Vizla named Cooper. Scott lives in Moorestown, N.J. He also has a house in Lighthouse Point. Cooper was a pleasure to care for. A very sleek and graceful breed.










PB010546 (copy)Karen and Joe live in Lighthouse Point. We cared for her adorable Shih Tzu, Boogie, for 6 days. Boogie has great heart and confidence. He loves to play with big dogs. Boogie had a great time here and made several dog friends. We look forward to seeing Boggie again.








DSC_1314Glen and Deborah live in Hollywood with these two absolutely beautiful and affectionate Boxers, Bambi and Lady. We have cared for them on several occasions. When we see each other, we all get happy.









DSC_1321Shannon, her Yorkie-poo Peanut and her boyfriend Justin live in Davie. We had Peanut with us for 5 days. She was a little shy and nervous at first, but after a few hours she was having a blast playing with Blaze and another guest. She slept between us every night against Bruce's side.








Frankie is an absolutely beautiful well balanced yellow lab, pictured here with her mom Meagan. Frankie just loves everybody and made it a point to play with all our other guests. Meagen and Frankie live in Delray Beach. We will see Frankie again next week and look forward to it.







P8060539We loved caring for Poppy and Tristen, two mini Dachshunds. Their mother Mia lives in Lighthouse Point. She just recently moved from Denver and did a ‘private dog boarding’ search on Google to find us. Tristen, the younger of the two couldn’t get enough of playing with Blaze. They took turns chasing each other around the couch. We look forward to their return.








P9130544Bruiser Rocket is an eight month old Yorkie / Maltese / Chihuahua / Lhasa Apso hybrid. His owners Larry and Leslie live in Boca Raton and did a ‘private dog boarding’ search on Google, as many of our customers do. Bruiser (for short) was a little shy in the first day of his care, but came out of his shyness to quickly develop a liking for Blaze. He would follow Blaze around all day. Where Blaze laid down, Bruiser would lay down next to him. Leslie and Larry are going on a cruise in November and we will be caring for that little cutie again.






P9300510Schultz is a Brindle Boxer who lives in Boynton Beach, Fl. His parents went to Hawaii. He stayed with us for 8 days. He is a super sweet dog and a pleasure to have at our home. He had a great time with us. He was so well behaved. He is welcome at our home again.








P9220498 Lucy is a Shih Tzu who lives in Barberville, FL. Her mother went to Boynton Beach for business. Lucy is super nice. She is so well behaved and a pleasure to have. She loved sleeping in our bed with us. We look forward to caring for her again in the near future.







P8270468Wilson and Luci are Boxers, shown with their owner Lisa, who live in Dania Beach, FL. Lisa went to Tampa for business. They are very nice. They were both well behaved and a pleasure to care for. They had a great time at our home They are both welcome back anytime.









P9070482Buck and Moose are Chihuahuas who live in Coral Springs with their owner Laurie and her boyfriend Jeff. They are very nice and playful pups. They were at our home for 5 days. They had a great time at our home playing with Blaze and our other guests. They are both welcomed back anytime.






dominoDomino is an 7 year old Australian Shepherd / Lab Mix. She was very shy when she first got here. Now she is alot more social and loves hanging-out on our couch and looking out the window. She comes here with her sister , 5 month old sister, Sophie. She loves to follow me around while I do my house work and even when I take a bath she is right next to me. We just love having her here!





sofieSophie is an adorable, energetic 5 month old Bischon/Shitzu Mix. She is one of the most beautiful puppy we have every seen. She has a spunky and great personality. She and Blaze love playing together. Click here to watch the YouTube video. She is Domino's sister and a regular guest at our home. She thinks that she is a big dog. We can't wait until her next visit!



durangoDurango is a beautiful red headed Golden Retriever. He comes to us from Alberta, Canada... his parents took an 18 day cruise. He loves to play tug of war, eat, swim and just hang out with us. He also slept on his bed in our bedroom every night that he was here. Anytime his parents come to the United States we would welcome him back with open arms!




kingKing is a very handsome 5 month old Dachshund Mix / Jack Russell Mix. King has a lot of energy and loves to jumps a lot. His beautiful mom, Sarah had to make a 10 days trip to California. He had a lot of fun playing. We crate trained him and are happy to report that his left 100% trained.




bearBear is a 8 month old miniature Shar Pei. He comes from Miami Beach and he parents tooks a trip to Columbia for a 10 days. He was a very quiet and loveable. He loves to eat, run and play with the other guest we had. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. He had a great time with us at our home.






maggieMaggie Mae is an adorable Boston Terrier. She loves relaxing in our bed watching t.v. and sleeping in our bed with us. She loves to play and eat treats . Her parents went out for a Fort Lauderdale New Year's Weekend trip. Her parents sent us an email saying that they would bring her for a visit this year. We can't wait to see her again!




andyAndy is a 2 year old Terrier Mix. Boy, he is a lap dog. He loves having me hold him, cuddle and kiss me. He loves treats, going on walks and just being held in my arms. He plays very well with our other guests. His dad has booked us again this time for Christmas. We can't wait to see Andy again!






chichiChichi is a Chinese Shar Pei who came to us for a long weekend from Coral Gables. Chichi was very quiet and well behaved. He loved to hang out and play with our other guests in the backyard. He got along great with everyone. We would welcome back Chichi anytime!





imogenImogen is a beautful 4 month old Golden Retreiver. She lives in Plantation and her family wanted us to train and housebreak her. She is a very smart and friendly pup. She learned her basic commands and more and was housebroken within a month. Her family was very happy with our services. We love her dearly.






zoeyZoey is a little cute Chihuahua who was a last minute guest. Her owner, a teenage girl, found us on Google, her family was taking a last minute trip to the Keys. She was very playful and nice . She loves chewing on big bones and eating treats. She even slept in our bed with us. We look forward to her visits in the near future.




blueBlue is an older very well behaved and nice Blue Heeler/ Australian Sheepdog. He is a very smart, quiet and sweet boy. He loves going on 3 walks a day. He slept by our bed every night he was here. He loves to hang out and sometimes plays with my furry baby. He is a welcomed guest here anytime!



roccoRocco is a Bull Terrier who is 2 years old came from Parkland to be a guest at our home. His parents love him so much that his mom brought over chicken, apples and bananas for him besides his dry food. His Mom even made us homemade bread. It was so good! Rocco is very laid back. He loves watching tv and hanging out on the couch with us and going on walks 3x a day. He has not barked once since he has been here. I just love it when he makes his happy sounds when I rub his head and belly...... even when I give him a treat he makes that cute sound. We can't wait til July when he will be with us for 9 days to see him again!




jakeRoxy is a female Anatolian Shepherd. She lives in Coral Springs with her Dad and Mom... her Mom is having a baby. Before boarding with us her parents brought Roxy over for a play date. Blaze and Roxy fell in love. They played and kissed each other... what a cute sight to see. Roxy is a very confident, friendly and loving girl. Blaze slept in Roxy's bed and Roxy slept in Blaze's bed in our bedroom. I think Blaze is going to miss her! Roxy has an open invite to our home anytime!



roxyJake is a male Shepherd mix who came to us from Lake Worth. His mom, Kellie, took a long weekend trip to Orlando. Jake is shy but very friendly and loving. He got along great with our other guests. By the last day.... Jake came over to our bedroom and hung out with us. Jake in a matter of 3 1/2 days warmed up and was roaming our home. We are so happy that we had the opportunity to care for Jake. Jake is always welcomed in our home!



sissy_jSissy is a shy, very sweet Jack Russell. She is Sophie's sister. She is very loving and calm. She loves to hang out with me and be held. She got along great with our other guests. She loves treats and just being loved. I have never had a Jack Russell that is so calm and so well behaved. She will be at my home in July and we can't wait for her to be here again.





sofie_jSophie is a Jack Russell. She and her sister, Sissy come from Delray Beach. Their parents went on a vacation with their son. They were here for nine days. Sophie is very friendly and loving. She loves to catch balls all the time. It is so cute to see her catch the ball. She is a fantastic athlete. She barely misses a throw. She has a great personality and we love having her here. We can't wait for her to come back again in July.





042909091921Hendrix is a very friendly Basset Hound. She lives in beauitful Lighthouse Point only 2 blocks away from me. Her mom, Maryann, and I are friends When Maryann went on a short trip we had the pleasure of caring for Hendrix She is very loving and alot of fun to be with. She got along great with Blaze. They see each almost everyday when we are both walking Blaze and Hendrix.




DSC_1224Meeka is a Boston Terrier. Her mom and dad went on a five day trip to Atlantis, Bahamas. This was a last minute trip. Meeka and her 2 sisters, Wobbles and Minnie live in a condo in Deerfield Beach. Meeka loves to play and chew on bones. She is very loving and well behaved. She got along great with my other guests. She is welcomed here anytime.




DSC_1225Wobbles is a very friendly and laid back Pug. She is Meeka’s and Minnies’s sister. She makes very cute sounds….. being that she is a pug. At night she snores hard ….LOL.  She loves to play and eat her treats. She was a lot of fun to have at my home. We look forward to seeing her in the near future.




DSC_1229Minnie is a miniature Chihuahua. She is very small. She is very friendly and got along great with the pack. She loves to eat and play with her food. She is a very laid back and loving girl. She loves hanging out with her 2 sisters. She is the smallest guest I have ever had at my home. She is welcomed back to our home anytime




P7060315Oliver is a 8 month old Silky Terrier. He lives in Pompano Beach. His dad and mom went on a 6 day vacation. Oliver is a very friendly and playful puppy. He got along great with our guests and Blaze. Oliver is welcomed back anytime.






P7070325Harry is a 2 1/2 year old Bichon. He lives in Lighthouse Point. His mom and dad took a vacation and we cared for Harry at our home. Harry has a sister, Lucy, a Tabby kitten and I cat sit for her at her home. Lucy is so cute and friendly. She looked forward to my visits. Harry was very well behaved and playful. He loves to eat his treats and plays well with others. I can't wait to care for them again.




P7070322Precious is a 2 1/2 year old Russell Pooh. She lives in Cookeville, TN. Her dad and mom drove to Florida to go to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. Her mom brought Precious's baby blanket and she loves sleeping with it. How Cute! Precious is very sweet and loving. She slept in our bed everynight. We look forward to her return in the near future.





P7130340Oso is a 2 1/2 year old male Bichon. His grandma, Maria went on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. Oso is very playful and alot of fun. He loves to cuddle. He slept in my bed with me every night he was here. He is welcomed here anytime





P7140369Oliver is a 1 year old male French Bull dog puppy who lives in Boynton Beach. Oliver has a big bother, Toby, who is a 14 1/2 year old Yellow Lab. Oliver and his brother, Toby spent 10 days at our home. Oliver has a very solid body and is very friendly. He is a very nice guest to have.





P7140363Toby is a 14 1/2 year old Yellow Lab. He is Oliver's big brother... He lives in Boynton Beach. His parents went on a 10 day vacation. Oliver loves to lounge and relax. He loves to lay on our couch and just sleep.. He is very laid back . He loves to eat treats. He is a pleasure to have in our home.





zippyZippy is a 1 year old Yorkie Poo Male who lives in a very nice house in Lighthouse Point. His mom and dad, Soritza and Michel went on a 5 day cruise. Zippy is very friendly and has earned his name. He is very active. He loves to run, play and zip along the house and backyard. His name Zippy fits him PERFECTLY. His mom, Soritza likes to hang out with me... we get our nails done together and have lunch too. Zippy is a welcomed guest in my home anytime!





bruceThis is my friend Bruce of 17 years. Bruce assists me in the ongoing care and happiness of our guests. He is the Alpha and our pack-leader. I’m the Alpha female;-) Bruce is well versed in dog behavior, he watches Cesar Millan the “Dog Whisperer” and “It’s Me Or The Dog” with Victoria Stillwell, two excellent programs he feels all dog owners should watch to become a better human for their pooches. Both Bruce and I develop loving bonds with all our canine guests, especially our regulars. We kind of think of it as, us being their parents away from home. Bruce often says he has more dog friends than human friends.




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