Located in Lighthouse Point, (North East Corner of Broward County), Between Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach 7 Minutes from the Sample Rd. Exit on I-95


“Loving Care When You’re Not There”





Our beloved Yorkshire Terrier ladies and our male chocolate Labrador had a great time when we were on a business trip. Jeanette, Bruce and of course Blaze were awesome hosts and gave them all the love and attention. What a difference to know that your dogs can walk free through their home instead of being trapped in a cage like in a pet Motel. Good to know that such a place exists and we can highly recommend it to anyone who only wants their best for their 4legged friends.

Hartmut and Filiz Gassmann, Parkland FL

Hello Bruce & Jeannette,

Happy New Years. Thank you so much for the wonderful care and attention you have given to Kona in your beautiful home during her stay on December 26 & 27. She is enjoying the bone that you gave so much, it is the perfect thing to occupy her time.


Elliott Soo, Altanta Georgia

We have 5 cats and a 4-1/2 year old German Shepherd, Eiko, in our family. Since Eiko joined us 2-1/2 years ago we have not felt comfortable about leaving on trips without him, not wanting to board him, he is such a "people dog".  We had the pleasure of meeting Jeanette 4 months ago, and we spoke with her about watching our gang. She made us feel very comfortable and at ease, and as such we made arrangements to take an 11 day vacation. She followed our routine to the "T", keeping our cats in the house and walking Eiko at least 3 times a day. She also took Eiko to her home to play with Blaze and keep him company.
When we returned it was as if we had never left, everything was in perfect order and everyone was in great spirits. Jeanette is reliable, dependable, and passionate about what she does. She takes her work very seriously, and most importantly is compassionate in her relations with our "kids" and us. She kept in touch with us regularly while we were away, and assured us that all was well, AND IT WAS!!
We would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to have their "family" cared for whether it be for a daily walk or an extended trip, you will all be in great hands.
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Jay Gannon, Lighthouse Point, Florida

We are very grateful that we found Private Home Dog Boarding on the internet, as we will use you again!! You made it so easy for us to go all the way to Hawaii and leave Schultz to join your family for over a week, as I know he was loved and cared for as you would Blaze as you could see how happy he was!!! It makes going away so stress free when you know your furry family member that cannot go on the trip, is taken care of and we do not have to worry!! You are very professional, detailed, and extremely compassionate! Also, we cannot thank you enough for letting us pick him up on Wednesday night after our flight got in as that made it so easy and convenient too!!!!

We also liked getting the text messages while we were away as that made it so easy to keep in touch since we were 6 hours behind you all while in Maui!!

We thank you again and I have already told several friends/neighbors about your business as I generally go on referrals and or recommendations myself!!!!!

Rob and Cara Solitario, Boynton Beach, FL

What a joy and pleasure to know that your "darling" is being taken care of just as if she was at home with you! I owe a big debt of thanks to Jeanette, Bruce and Blaze for taking such great care of my little Lucy. Everyone knows I am overprotective of my precious girl and I am here to tell you that I didn't have a moment of worry when I left her with them. They gave her her medicine and she slept in their bed. From the first moment of contact I knew that attention to detail and CARING abounded. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Jeanettes Pet Care. Now my only worry is that she'll get too popular because of my testimonial and others because she is so great.

Xina Arab, Barberville, FL

Jeanette always shows up when she says and she sends a text right away to let me know everything is ok. She is also able to accommodate last minute requests which is really important for someone whose work schedule is unpredictable.

Thanks Jeanette!

Michele C. and Maggie, Pompano Beach, FL

Our family couldn’t be any more grateful to have found Jeanette, Bruce and their baby, Blaze. From the moment I spoke with Jeanette on the phone, I sensed that we had found a true fit for our Jack Russell terrier girls, Sissy and Sophie—and during our pleasant and informative “interview” process at their home, I was convinced. Jeanette and Bruce are so committed to what they do, and Sissy and Sophie truly benefited from their own “vacation” while we enjoyed our ten days traveling worry-free. Jeanette texted us every other day, filling us in on how well the girls were doing and all the fun they were having, while putting our minds at ease. Best of all, we returned to two relaxed, happy, and well-mannered dogs!

Finally, we feel comfortable leaving our girls knowing that they are in such kind, loving, responsible and knowledgeable hands. In fact, their next stay is already scheduled . . . I know they can’t wait to see their pal, Blaze, again. Jeanette, Bruce, and Blaze are wonderful and it is my pleasure to recommend them.


Andrea Smith, Delray Beach, FL

My husband and I have a 6 year old baby named Roxy. She is very sweet and mild mannered and she is truly our little girl. We are very careful to make sure she's always happy and well taken care of. We usually leave Roxy with her grandparents when we travel but over Memorial Day, they were unavailable. We didn't want to put her into a doggie daycare where part of the day and all night she would be in a kennel. She doesn't need or want to be enclosed in a cage. We went to the internet and looked for alternatives to kennels. We met Jeanette and were sold. We brought Roxy with us to her house and Roxy thought she was in heaven. She fell instantly for Blaze, Jeanette's dog. They played like crazy for the short time we were there. We decided to have Roxy visit Jeanette and Blaze for a play date one day while we were at work. We wanted Roxy to know that we'd be dropping her off but that we'd come back to pick her up. She had a great day with Blaze and met Bruce, Jeanette's husband. She came home very happy. So, we were able to relax and leave her for Memorial Day weekend.

Jeanette sent me updates, which I loved, via email and text and she even called me to let me know that Roxy was doing great and in love with Blaze. She slept in his doggie bed and ate his food and he slept in her bed and ate her food. When we picked her up, she was very happy to see us but she also seemed relaxed and calm. We are very appreciative that Jeanette, Bruce and Blaze took such good care of our baby and we will definitely get Roxy together again with her new friend Blaze. Thank you.

Apryl Sheldon, Delray Beach, FL

We were planning a last minute trip to the Keys and we forgot all about what we were going to do with our dog Zoey. So I went on the internet and looked for private dog boarding and I came across Jeanette. She was fortunately on our way to our destination and she was also friendly.

Zoey seemed like she had a great time and didn't want to leave. Jeanette was awesome and I know she took good care of my dog.

Jhanelle Fabre, Wellington, FL

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you are providing. I am so happy that I found Jeanette and Bruce. Leaving our pets for occasional trips has always been stressful for me because they are such a part of our family. We now have a quiet and sweet 7-year-old lab mix, named Domino, and a very active 5-month-old Teddy Bear (Shitzu-Bichon), named Sophie.

When we traveled in the past, I used a pet sitter that would walk Domino 2-3x/day, which was fine, but I knew we would have to do something else when we got our new puppy in December. We have a lot of trips planned for this year because of my daughter’s travel sports team and I was hoping to find an in-house sitter, but did not know where to look. I searched the Internet. Jeanette was in my area and seemed perfect, so I contacted her and we set up a meeting in her home with her dog, Blaze, and both of my dogs. Blaze eagerly welcomed them into his home and within minutes, Sophie and Blaze were playing and Domino was checking everything out. Both Jeanette and Bruce seemed very knowledgeable and it did not take long for me to know that I would be very comfortable leaving my dogs in their care. Each day during our trip Jeanette sent me a text message and I did not worry at all. When I returned, I could tell the dogs were very happy and well cared for. Jeanette told me that all of the dogs slept in their bedroom and Sophie slept in bed with them. Domino was able to relax and hang out, which is what she likes, and Sophie played with Blaze all day. They took several cute pictures of the dogs and e-mailed them to me. It is obvious that Jeanette and Bruce really enjoy what they do.

I have used Jeanette and Bruce 3 times already with the same results and have several more trips booked. What a relief to know that I have one less thing to worry about!

Cindy Cortina, Pompano Beach, FL

Just a quick note to say Blue and I were very pleased we chose your company for his first stay away from home. Jeanette was wonderful with him and has a perfect setup for visiting dogs...her dog Blaze is so welcoming and happy it was a treat to see them together.

Regards and thanks,

Bernadette Appleyard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mark and I had family visiting from New York over the New Year's holiday and they met us in Fort Lauderdale for a few days. I was rushed again to get a sitter. After I requested your services, Jeanette let me know she could take Maggie Mae. Since she lived near where I had planned to stay, I decided to give her a try.

Maggie Mae was in heaven! Maggie Mae loves to play with other animals, and she and Jeanette's two dogs got along from the minute we introduced them. When we arrived at Jeanette's home,which was quiet beautiful, she invited us in, we talked while the dogs got to know each other, Maggie Mae was so much into her two new friends, she barely knew we left.
Jeanette emailed and called me along to let me know Maggie Mae was having a great time and she was behaving very well. This let me know I left her with a caring and loving person. Maggie Mae was a happy pup! Our trip was worry free. When we picked up our little girl, even though she was glad to see us, I think she would have been happy to stay with Jeanette and Bruce and her two new friends.

I do not like to go away and leave my little girl, but sometimes it is necessary. Next time I do, you can be sure I will ask for Jeanette!

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful and needed service!

Judy, Mark, and especially, Maggie Mae, Pahoke, FL

Imogen, A pure bred Golden Retriever just happened in our lives on the 6th of october, 2008. We thought it would be ever so easy to raise an aristocratic dog. But we were wide off the mark. She turned out to be a completely untrained Puppy. What we also failed to recognize was the fact that we as a family were not ourselves proficient to educate a puppy. That's when we found Bruce and Jeanette. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that they were Frankinscence and Myrhh {Two of the sterling gifts that the Three Wise Men had brought upon the birth of the Lord} other words, they were a huge blessing just when we had almost given up on ourselves and Imogen. We let Imogen be "schooled" with Bruce and Jeanette for about a month and when she returned, she was the most well-mannered, adaptible, jovial sociable puppy and above all healthy and gorgeously much so that when we took her out to "Borders" people crowded around her not just to compliment her looks {Imogen was busy flaunting herself with the greatest aplomb and enjoying every bit of the attention she was getting, with the greatest dignity and flair}....but on her manners and somebody asked "Wow, Is she a training dog,she is so obedient!" I wanted to tell them...well we know better how she had been a month ago. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Bruce and Jeanette for not just training and boarding her but rendering their heart and soul into the process. Sometimes words are not enough. As now.

Ishita/Paul and Ahaan and of course Imogen
who is educated enough to display her thankfulness.
Plantation, FL

Just wanted to let you know what I great experience I had when I boarded by dog Andy with Jeanette and Bruce. Very shortly after my initial inquiry, Jeanette contacted me to set up a home visit. I brought Andy to her home and we spent about 30 minutes together at which time she, Bruce, and her two dogs became acquainted with Andy, and he with them. They fully explained how they would care for Andy, and it was very apparent that they were excellent caregivers. Jeanette contacted me a couple of times prior to my actually dropping Andy off at her home to make sure that I did not need additional information, or have questions. As this was my first time boarding Andy, Jeanette and Bruce calmed any fears that I had about leaving him. The evening that I dropped him off, Bruce and Jeanette again made sure I had no questions. Andy's stay was for six days, during which they sent me e-mail updates.

I was most happy with the care that Bruce and Jeanette gave to Andy, and have already scheduled his next visit.

Brian J. Vaas, Delray Beach, FL

Hi! My chinese shar-pei Chichi spent a long weekend with Jeanette, Bruce, and the boys over Thanksgiving. This was my first time using any type of pet care service (chichi usually stays at friends homes, or with my neighbor) so I was nervous about leaving her in a new place. Jeanette and Bruce were very caring, and eased my worries! Jeanette e-mailed me updates on how chichi was doing and I am sure that chichi was much happier being able to run and play at their home with their dogs, than being boarded up in a kennel at the vet or somewhere else!!! I think that chichi had a good time on her Thanksgiving vacation, and I know I was definitely at ease knowing she was being well taken care of and cared for!! I would recommend using cageless boarding to everyone i know who has a pet!! Thanks again so much for taking such good care of my baby!

Jen Dolan, Coral Gables, FL

What a blessing to have found Jeanette, Bruce and Blaze. They welcomed our little Precious, who is a very timid Russell Pooh into their home and cared for her while we vacationed in Florida from Tennessee. We never leave our Precious with anyone and was nervous at first. We definitely didn't want her boarded in a kennel. The thought of that made us decide to not even take a vacation. But after a little research we found Jeanette and after a wonderful conversation on the phone could tell she would love and take care of Precious as she does all her guest. The second we stepped into their home, they stepped into our hearts. Jeanette stayed in touch with us and we were able to relax and enjoy our vacation knowing she was in a loving home as theirs. When we returned to pick Precious up we could tell she had found new friends indeed. She was so happy and content. Just like at home. Thanks so much Jeanette, Bruce and Blaze! It is good to know that whenever we are in Florida Precious always has a home away from home! With great thanks and lots of love from Precious!

Jim, Joan and Precious
Cookeville, TN

I just want to thank Jeanette and Bruce for the excellent care that they have given to my Basset Hound dog Hendrix. I was walking my dog Hendrix one day thinking where could I bring her while I take my trip to Lake Wales for a few days, when low and behold I met Jeanette on my walk. She is my neighbor! and she is a pet sitter! I was invited to her home and was very impressed with her home and the love for the animals she takes care of. Blaze, her own dog, is a wonderful host. Hendrix had the time of her life and still to this day tries to go to his house whenever she sees their car. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for the "perfect home" for their pet to give Jeanette a call. Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

Maryann Senna, Lighthouse Point, FL

Thank heaven for pet sitters like Jeanette from I would like to tell you that Jeanette was great. I was in a bind with a last minute trip with no one to help me. I found Jeanette after trying to figure out what I was going to do with my cat Marcus. It was a holiday and last minute thing, but Jeanette came right over on New Years Day and we set everything up. She took excellent care of Marcus for me and the trip went well.

Great Service…. I have used Jeanette several time already with the same excellent results and have also referred her to my friends and neighbors.


Andrew Ward, Deerfield Beach, FL

I used Jeanette's Pet Care when my husband & I went on a cruise. We couldn't have left Zippy with a more lovely & reliable person. He got to play with the other dogs which he loved. Jeanette also told us of more healthy treats to give Zippy. Zippy also got to sleep on her pillow at night which he does at home. If you are going away, Jeanette is the one to call, your pet will be so happy.

Soritsa Hoffman, Lighthouse Point, FL

Oliver had a wonderful time while we were away for 7 days. He came home healthy and happy. We could not stand the idea of leaving poor Oliver in a Kennel for that long.
Thank you for Taking care of Oliver
The Garcia Family, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jeanette did a wonderful job looking after our 7 dogs, in my home, while I was overseas. She has consistently provided loving care for them at our home while we travel. She has provided regular updates on how they are doing, special treats, and has been available to help us on short notice. We have been very happy with her service and will continue to recommend her to others


Gene H , Deerfield Beach, FL

I am very happy to have found the wonderful dog lovers who toke such a good care for my two precious dogs for ten days lately. Jeanette and Bruce stayed in touch with me daily so that I was very well informed of my babies’ lives, which left me without any concern of leaving them behind me. When I came back, just found out my dogs are very happy and healthy and I know they had a great time with Jeanette and Bruce and their boy Blaze. I also enjoy the CD Bruce prepared for me of my baby playing with Blaze.

I will certainly leave my dogs with them again had I have to and would highly recommend to anyone who needs one.

Thanks very much Jeanette and Bruce.

Zhen with Toby and Oliver from Boynton Beach , FL

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